Cursed 2D Finished

Cursed2D is finally done and finished. I’m willing to live with it’s faults, as it’s my first game, however there is one snag. I wanted to have it be playable through the web browser using Java WebStart, and I’m having a little trouble getting that going, but I’ve consulted some people with a little more experience in […]

New Menu Screen & Almost Finished

The new Menu Screen All that remains now is finding the best way to deploy the game. It is finished,except for a few minor adjustments that will be made over the next couple days. Deployment is the issue though, and right now, I’d like to use Java Web Start, so people could play the game […]

Skeleton Prototypes

Today, skeletons were added to the list of enemies that thwart you in the Cursed2D. (Finally!) The artwork, again, provided by Reiner. Check out his collection of 2D monsters here. Pretty cool stuff. The algorithms are a little spotty, and so is some of the animations programming, but they’re for the most part completed. Finding […]

Search Map

Newest feature to Cursed2D is a map of the tiles you’ve searched so far. Searched tiles are marked with red tiles with red x’s and unsearched tiles are yellow tiles with question marks. Also, the first time the player uses this feature, an explanation of the map is shown.

New Display for Cursed2D

  Today, I decided to work on, among other thing, the display. It was boring, and uninformative. So I found some cool free graphics online, and used GIMP to manipulate images for the skulls, the moon, and the sun. The moon and sun interchange when it transitions from day to night.  Also found the sweet […]

Dialog Class Added

Got back into the programming bug today by working from a story line I’ve created. I had no dialog in my game, so I had to solve that problem to keep in accordance with the story line. So, I’ve incorporating a new class called Dialog to – you guessed it – handle dialog as if […]

How an animation works in Slick2D

Slick 2D  uses series of images shown in succession that are drawn to the screen for set amounts of time. There is an image array, and a corresponding time array, with a time set for each image.  In the case of the game, the image will change about every 100 milliseconds, giving the illusion of animation. The […]

Cursed 2D (In Progress)

Cursed2D is my first attempt at writing a game. It is written in Java, using the Slick2D and LWJGL libraries. More than anything, this game was an attempt to learn the basics of how game loops operate, how animations work, how to use data structures to solve problems. The game starts out in a town […]