The X-Files (1993-2002) – 20th Century Fox

Created by Chris Carter
Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Mitch Pillegi

The X-Files was perhaps the second TV show after Twin Peaks that I really got into on my own accord (there will be a Twin Peaks review, and actually, X-Files and Twin peaks have a connection through David Duchovny). I was twelve when it first aired and I was caught up in all the fury of Aliens, conspiracy, and oddity. My friends and I would get together to watch it on Fridays, and then it switched to Sundays. It was kind of a weekly event. This went on for about four years, until A) I turned 17 and was more interested in other things, and 2) The show started sucking after season 4.
There are basically two types of X-Files. There are the extraterrestrial/story-line episodes, which in hindsight, I don’t enjoy too much, but then there are the standalone episodes which remain entertaining to this day, especially the stand-alone episodes from the first 4 seasons. I recently re-watched the series, until Duchovny leaves, and I would have to give this show four out of five stars, based on originality, my own enjoyment, and the fact that it broke the ground for supernatural television shows and movies to follow. I don’t think shows like “Lost” would even exist without X-Files. I will admit that the dialog can be heavy-handed, Scully’s wardrobe is horrible, and David Duchovny is a narcissist (just watch the episodes he wrote: They all have half-nude scenes of himself), but it still works as good latte night entertainment after all these years.


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