Trip Timer

Trip Timer is the first medium to large scale android project that I have ever been a part of. It  was written over the last three to four weeks by myself and Dylan Otto Krider. It is a simple app that times a trip from a starting point to a destination, utilizing Google maps to provide a graphical representation of these points. It has several different methods for defining a starting point and a destination, as well as several methods for sorting the trips, i.e. chronologically, by time, by route name, etc… This project currently contains 19 activities, 2 helper classes, 13 custom xml layout files, 3 xml menu layout files, and a minimal collection of images used in the program. It utilizes a plethora of design elements including fragments, activities, list activities, intents, bundles, xml, Google Maps, GPS (latitude and longitude readings), Java’s Collections class for sorting (something I’ve never used, so check it out if you don’t know what this is) and some good old math to make the information functional. In addition, it writes out to and reads from two properly formatted text files as a database for persistence.

This project is nowhere near what I would call a polished app, which is mildly disappointing, but I hope to have the time for Dylan and I to get together over break to put the finishing touches on it, and possibly put it up for free on Google play. If nothing else, we will release the source code on this site, most likely in the form of a .zip containing the entire project. That project could be imported into anyone’s Eclipse library for learning purposes, or just plain curiosity. I know I certainly learned a lot in the process.  I’ll post as soon as there are any updates.

Anyway, here’s a slideshow of screenshots from Trip Timer beta in action:

If you’re wondering how I got screenshots of my phone, see my post HERE.

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