Joshua Michael Waggoner

UI Developer

2724 S. Jackson St. | Denver, CO 80210 | (720) 415-5732 | @rabbitfighter81 on Twitter and GitHub

About Me

I am a conscientious and resourceful UI developer with a can-do attitude and an eye for design who can assess an organization’s needs and work to create complementary and robust web and mobile applications. I believe firmly in DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principles, and make a strong effort to compose potent, reusable, and minimalist code while implementing practical design patterns. With experience in both legacy and greenfield code-bases, I have handled all stages of web development, including information gathering, planning, design, research, development, testing, delivery, usability studies, and maintenance. I am proficient with a wide array of languages and full-stack web tools and have an entrepreneurial spirit.


I am very much focused on cutting-edge JavaScript-related tools and frameworks like Angular 2/4/5/6, React, Redux, D3, and Express as well as various Node and NPM platforms and packages. I believe in the power, flexibility, and zeitgeist of the current JavaScript ecosystem, and find being a UI developer highly satisfying.

In addition to JavaScript/HTML/CSS proficiency, I possess a good understanding of HTTP, know how APIs work, as well as how to use Web Sockets. I am able to work effectively with back-end developers to communicate the needs of the front-end. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in API design with some very bright people. I am skilled with using data structures to keep track of data in an application’s state and with using that data to hydrate UI components.

I have served primarily on Agile teams where I worked closely with a wide range of API designers, QA, UX Designers, Product Owners, Product Managers and user study participants to create UI’s that pop and meet business requirements. I am a good team player and have a strong understanding of software development processes as well as team workflow tools, such as Git, Trello and Jira. I understand and have implemented Git Flow and and have trained teams to use continuous integration (CI) methods and procedures for increased productivity and overall project hygiene.


I have a traditional background in computer science, math, and computer hardware. I have studied topics such as data structures, computer security, discrete math, logic, functional programming, and algorithms. Before becoming interested in Front End development, I worked with Java and C++, dabbled in Android development, and am the author of an anagram finder called Word Sleuth, available to this day on the Google Play© store.


I have as much to offer as I do to learn, and also that it is important to do both on a daily basis. I am not ego-driven, and am an honest and capable engineer who aims to deliver next gen web features on time and on budget. I work well in teams and am a friendly and outgoing person who is highly accessible and a good interpersonal communicator. I am very self-driven and am looking to make an impact in the software industry and on well-to-do teams.

Technical Skills

Languages: JavaScript and TypeScript. Also CoffeeScript, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3/SASS, Java, Groovy, Bash, and ARM. Some experience with Ruby and C.

Databases:  MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Frameworks: Node, Angular 2/4/5/6, React, Vue, Elm, Redux, RxJS, Lodash, Webpack, Gulp, Express and Meteor. Also Java based frameworks such as Android and Groovy/Grails.

Testing: Strong advocate of true TDD (Test Driven Development) and have a wide range of experience with unit tests, and end-to-end/integration testing using a wide variety of platforms such as Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor, RSpec, JUnit, Test-Bed, and Spock.

Workflow: Agile, KanBan, Git, Continuous Integration , Jenkins, Docker, Trello, and Jira.

Developer Tools: Passionate full-time Linux/Unix user for 9+ years, with experience in scripting, system administration, and developing software in environments such as OSX, Windows, Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, and Ubuntu. I also know how to use tools like Vim, Bash, and text editors to enhance workflow and productivity. My favorite editor is VSCODE.

Additional Web Tools: AJAX, JSON, REST, Web Sockets, XML, TCP, HTTP.


TurnCommerce — Denver, CO (July 2017 – Present)

UI Developer

  • Architecture and engineering of highly complex UIs to support Turn Commerce‘s various domain auction and sales platforms using Angular with TypeScript, NGRX Store (Redux), RxJS, Web Sockets, Angular Material, and SASS.

  • Participating with design and User Experience solutions and decision making to meet our customers current needs.

  • Training and education of other Junior UI team members to use best practices, participate in code reviews, and encourage pair programming as training.

  • Managing of various projects and communication of UI needs to our API team as well as requirements gathering from our designers and product owners

  • Helping to  transition a company with no dedicated UI developers to having a staffed UI department with an efficient workflow and a unified vision. This includes a productive output that meets our growing requirements.

  • Interviewing and participation in new hire positions as well as general direction of our organization.

ClickFox  Denver, CO (Nov 2016 – May 2017)

UI Developer

  • I worked with an amazing team of UI architects/developers, graphic artists, project managers, and UX designers to create highly engaging, feature-rich front-end projects for ClickFox’s Journey Science SaaS (Sales As A Service) applications. In my day-to-day, I used TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular 2, SASS, Redux, Gulp, and RxJS to develop ClickFox’s flagship application suite titled “Fox”.

  • Development of new features and components for the UI based on a defined acceptance criteria and writing any accompanying unit tests, integration tests, or end-to end tests that were necessary. All work went through a peer code review process before being introduced into the build.

  • Experience with Docker build and deployment.

  • Worked in an Agile methodology that involved constantly re-assessing and improving ourselves in weekly retro meetings based on our iteration. We performed daily scrums, and used either continuous delivery or JIT (Just In Time) delivery methods to release new features, make patches, and push updates.

  • I managed a team of offshore developers and testers to address the defect backlog for our project using a Kanban methodology of pulling from the top of the backlog and utilizing different programmer’s individual strengths to reduce the amount of defects in the most timely — and priority based — order.

  • Practiced with true TDD and Pair programming on a daily basis. I am comfortable with a “red light, green light, refactor” workflow.

  • Experience working directly with Quality Assurance (QA) department while delivering new features, fixing defects and bugs, and making sure builds and tests are passing.

  • Attended conferences such as NG-CONF 2017 to gain knowledge about emerging technologies, best practices, and various new ideas in order to bring that knowledge back to our team and evolve with the landscape.

Fantasy Empire LLC — Denver, CO (May 2015 – May 2016)

Co-Founder | Junior UI Developer

  • Co-developed a vibrant JavaScript front-end for a fantasy sports website using Node and React to create a first-class fantasy sports web application.

  • Worked with a UX/Design team to implement a UI that utilized usability tests and best practices to achieve an easy to understand yet complex front-end.

  • I participated in planning of the application, user experience (UX), financial planning, and general direction and decision making.

  • Wrote comprehensive unit testing for the front-end, as well as extensive documentation (using JavaDoc, GrailsDoc, and Markdown) and testing for a Groovy/Grails back-end.

  • Developed strong refactoring skills as our product evolved from using jQuery/AJAX with no frameworks, to a React front-end using many NPM modules.

Reality Technology LLC — Denver, CO (Jan 2014 – July 2014)

Junior Developer Internship

  • Developed legacy software for both government and enterprise using Java, Struts, JavaScript, and CSS to enhance functionality and create testable and up-to-date code.

  • Performed research and led efforts to create testing frameworks on large Java applications using JRuby test suites.

Rabbit Fighter Studios — Denver, CO (Jan 2012 – Nov 2016)

Proprietor/Web Developer

  • I made various smaller to medium sized websites and SPAs for clients under this moniker, working with a small rotating cast of like-minded programmers. I focused on JavaScript frameworks such as Meteor, React, and NodeJS to deliver web and mobile applications to meet any specific client’s needs.

  • I modified and customized WordPress applications.

Personal References


Metropolitan State University of Denver

B.S. Computer Science/Math, English Literature (2011-Present | Hiatus)

Evergreen Senior High

General Studies (1996-1999 | Graduated)

Evergreen Bootstrap scholarship winner

D.A.R.E. essay award scholarship winner


Additional examples of my personal work are available on Github and Codepen under (@rabbitfighter81).

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