My name is Joshua Michael Waggoner and I am a UI Developer from the Denver, Colorado.

I am highly versed in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and Redux (NgRx), RxJs and Lodash.

I am currently interested in NgRx state management techniques and API communication strategies for optimization.

I am a strong of advocate for unit testing and using Angular best practices. I am constantly refining my ability to compose simple and portable code that is reliable, re-usable, and easy to maintain.

I love to teach others and have learned that teaching what you have learned — and the ability to communicate what you have learned — demonstrates competency in that area, helps others, and solidifies my own knowledge of various subject matters. Teaching, writing, and public speaking bout tech are all areas of interest to me.

I currently reside in Parker, Colorado with my partner Dr. Bernadette Marie Calafell and our beautiful greyhound Raven.

I am a proud greyhound parent and am an advocate for both rescue and the termination of greyhound racing. I collect records, cool toys, and memorabilia, and am also interested in cuisine (Denver is a great place for foodies!), art, film, video games, and music composition. I’m also a huge coffee nerd.

This website is a place for me to chronicle my experiences as a developer and a person. Feel free to contact me.


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