I am sometimes cool with JavaScript, but most of the time, there are too many confusing anonymous inner classes, too many brackets, and just too much going on in general for my taste. I do like the things you can do with JavaScript though, and with node, JavaScript seems to be on the rise to superpower. However, there is a little language called CoffeeScript, that Ruby people will love, that can be compiled into JS if you need to, and will run as JS in node if you have ‘coffee-script’ installed from npm. So, when I started the tutorial series “learnyounode” from NodeSchool.io, I had the idea of doing them all in CoffeeScript, compiling them to JS and seeing which one was easier for me. CoffeeScript won, and I have been practicing my skills daily since.

Here is a link to my GitHub page containing the solutions: github.com/rabbitfightter81/learnyounode-coffee.

Hope this help a few people 🙂

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