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Stop using “setTimeout()” on front-ends to remedy undesired behavior!

Anyone who has worked on any sort of complex front-end where either race conditions or lifecycle issues temp us to use setTimeout() to wrestle with async problems. In Angular 2 and React apps, there are lifecycles to components and the logic of these lifecycles can be confusing and sometimes, counter-productive to the specific task you […]

Yodagram – Making a simple REST API for an existing React/Redux app using Express.js and MongoDB

Source code for Yodagram hosted by GitHub. In the beginning, there was jQuery… I’ll tell you a story, not for my own amusement, but so you can hopefully avoid the proverbial rabbit holes I fell through… Some time ago, I had no knowledge of how to make anything beyond the most basic website in JavaScript. […]

WordSleuth: Anagram finder and more…

WordSleuth is an anagram, sub-word, and word combination finder that is written using MeteorJS and MongoDB. The front end is done in HTML, using Meteor’s version of HandlebarsJS, called SpacebarsJS. For client and server side scripting, I used CoffeeScript, which is described as “a neat little language that compiles to JavaScript. I like all the […]