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Word Sleuth for Android

My buddy Stephen Chavez and I have complete our first Android App, and it’s up on the Google Play Store right now for $0.99 here. WordSleth is an anagram, sub-word, and word-combination finder for Android that can be used in conjunction with popular word games such as Words With Friends(TM), Scrable(TM), crossword puzzles, or just […]

My Places for Android

For our final project in our mobile device programming class, Dylan and I were to create an app of our own choosing. After spending some time with maps in our last project, we wanted to play with that some more, and also, more than anything, we wanted to mess around with menu layouts, and really […]

Taking a screenshot in Android 4.0 and later

To take a screenshot in android 4.0 (Honeycomb) and later, simply hold down the POWER button and the VOLUME_DOWN button at the same time until an animation appears. You can then access them through your Gallery app and send them through email, share them, etc… Sorry Mac folks, I don’t know an iOS solution. 🙁 […]