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JSSL Info Collection Server

For our final project in CS3750 (Computer/Network Security), we were to write a client/server program that uses Java SSL security for an implementation of a basic server program. The requirements were that the server has to wait for clients to connect at a certain port number. When they do, the server should start a new […]

Free Courses hosted by Linux Foundation

So, a friend turned me on to [this course], offered by the Linux Foundation, that is aimed at new to intermediate Linux users, with the goal of educating participants in intermediate and advanced techniques used by Linux professionals, system admins and more… You can pay for the class, and receive a certificate, but if you’re […]

Apothem OS Version 1.0

For our final project in CS3600 Operating Systems, Stephen Chavez and I wrote an operating System in ARMv6 assembly language that runs on the Raspberry Pi. Our initial work was based of a tutorial called Baking Pi, a Cambridge University operating systems programming tutorial that targets the Raspberry Pi. We completed the tutorial series, and […]

A .txt file of all English words

Where Can You Find A Text File Of All English Words So, I have been talking with my friends Bryan and Dylan and we were all wondering where to find a list of all the words in the English language for programming purposes, so I actually remembered at school the other day and found one […]