Category: Java

JSSL Info Collection Server

For our final project in CS3750 (Computer/Network Security), we were to write a client/server program that uses Java SSL security for an implementation of a basic server program. The requirements were that the server has to wait for clients to connect at a certain port number. When they do, the server should start a new […]

My Places for Android

For our final project in our mobile device programming class, Dylan and I were to create an app of our own choosing. After spending some time with maps in our last project, we wanted to play with that some more, and also, more than anything, we wanted to mess around with menu layouts, and really […]

Simple LWJGL/OpenGL Game using continuous collision detection

For our game design class, Dylan Otto Krider and myself were to elaborate on an earlier program we wrote that consisted of a blue player box that could move, red enemy boxes that were stationary, and yellow boxes for food that gave you some kind of reward for eating it. To be specific, we were […]

Timer Project is a program that uncovers the advantages of using cache memory by using java arrays to demonstrate the time difference between the processor going to memory to get data or by going to cache memory to get data. This download is a zip file containing the .java file so that people can see […]